Tuesday, May 24, 2011

How to register into SWAPO 2011....

Please click on the link below to register for SWAPO 2011:

Who should register: Homeowners in South West Arlington who did not recieve their signing bonus check in January 2011 for their mineral rights.

Monday, May 23, 2011

What the offer is.....SWAPO news...

Please hold off signing to show our strength in this neighborhood. If we can hold off and not let this neighborhood get sprinkled with leases we will have a chance of getting a better deal. We think this is a test to see if we can hold this area or not. Talk to one or more neighbor before Monday and if anyone hears of someone leaning toward signing please have them call and we will gladly try to get them the information they need. Lynn Bullard,
Bob and David

Saturday, May 21, 2011

SWAPO 2011 sign up request...

Please see our web page: http://www.swapo.org/ AND sign up on our list from "MailChimp" today.

If you did not receive an email from us, email me and I will get you added to our email list. (dharthomes@gmail.com)

SWAPO is a group of people pooling their resources, and coming together in a common interest, of getting a fair price for our mineral rights.
If you want to be on our Newletters list, then select the link from above.  You can opt in, or out, at will.
We had a meeting recently, and will let you know as soon as the next meeting is scheduled.  Do not sign away your mineral rights, now.  Wait.  Be patient.  We will get a good deal.  We home owners have the upper hand.  We have something that they want, our mineral rights.  Don't go for the tactics of those that want you to sign over your rights, right away.  They might say, "This is your last chance."  Or, "You have until Sunday to sign." 
I personally know one person that had 5 acres, and signed for $450/acre.  He could have waited, and got over $20k/acre.  That was a serious mistake, I think.


SWAPO: "Menu"

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

SWAPO ....

... .working on a web page, but be sure to go Facebook and search for "SWAPO 2011" you will get up to date info as it becomes known.

AISD Scool Board meets Thursday...

... to vote on the jobs it will save / lose.... so far they have cut 631 positions. Be there May 19, 2011.

Monday, May 16, 2011

SWAPO 2011....

The SWAPO Stearing Committee continues to work to get the word out to join our Facebook page so that we know who all our neighbors are and can contact them. We are still working on a gmail group for exclusive communications. Please help by getting your signs out and spreading the word even if just by word of mouth. Thanks, David

SOS ... Save Our Schools

Tell State Leaders "The Eyes of Texas Are Upon You!"

Save Texas Schools needs YOU on Saturday, May 21, when we'll take our message straight to legislators INSIDE THE TEXAS CAPITOL. Volunteers will work in teams to pack the House gallery, keep a vigil outside the House Chamber doors, launch a barrage of in-person visits to members' offices, and jam phone lines with calls. We're giving state leaders one last warning- we're watching, we'll remember and we VOTE!
With the legislative session nearing its final days, many Texas legislators continue their vicious assault on public education. As currently drafted, House Bill 1 would inflict crippling cuts on schools statewide, putting Texas in or near last place nationally in funding for the education. The Senate version is not much better. Unbelievably, our leaders STILL refuse to use the state's Rainy Day Fund to provide even modest relief for Texas students. Time is running out!
We need a HUGE turnout to get this message through, so please bring your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, faith communities and more! Volunteers will work in two shifts from 10 am to 1 pm or 1 to 4 pm. Go to http://savetxschools.com/
For those who can't come to Austin, we need you to sign up to make calls on May 21. Go to http://savetxschools.com/
Texas can and must do better by its kids. You have made a difference! Come out on Saturday and let them know, "The Eyes of Texas Are Upon You!"

Friday, May 13, 2011

SWAPO 2011...

.... has started ...
Don’t Sign!!
See SWAPO 2011
On Facebook
What we are doing is organizing to improve our negotiating stance for those who did not sign a renewal lease in Jan 2011. More info later.