Sunday, September 16, 2018

Town Hall Meeting - Fannin Farms Drill Site - gas leak 9/10/18 at 0300....

City Council Member Sheri Capehart will host a Town Hall Meeting about the recent gas leak at the Fannin Farms drill site, and update regarding this site.

Please review: you tube report by Chris James SW Arlington Resident 
(Thank you Chris James for excellent reporting!)

Time: 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm

Where: SW Branch Library at 3311 SW Green Oaks Blvd

Grievance procedure for gas well violations and or complaints:

Neighbors closest to gas well pad site are our eyes and ears for gas well violations and or complaints.

1.       For emergencies, call:
 911, Arlington Fire Department, for serious emergency conditions ASAP 24/7. Our fire Department is one of the few that are trained to deal with gas well emergencies. Then second call the emergency numbers on the signs posted at the entrance to the prospective gas well site.  
2.       Any complaint violation should contact:

John Theriac, City of Arlington, Gas Well Coordinator at 817-459-6593, M-F 8-5.
(If the person contacts the numbers on the sign they should still contact John so that he can follow up on the violation).

3.       Any emergency conditions report to the emergency number posted on the sign at the entrance to the gas well. Each site will have different operators so it is important that you take a picture of the sign that is posted at the pad site entrance for your perspective well site. For Example the Fannin Farms site located at 2322 Eden Road has an emergency number of 888-239-2062 and or 970-433-8076, with Saddle Operating Company. This information is exclusive to this site and each well will / may be different. Drive by and verify the signs at the site close to where you live. Report serious emergency conditions for this site only to this number ASAP 24/7.
4.       Other options: (All listed on this blog spot under resource links).

Pipeline Safety and Damage Prevention

Railroad Commission

TCEQ = Texas Commission of Environmental Quality


This procedure was developed as a result of my attendance at the Gas Well Meeting held February 20th. The information presented here was one of the topics discussed and is important to publish. 


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