Saturday, October 13, 2018

Term Limits in Arlington, voters to vote in November....

Voters are going to be asked to vote on this important issue next month: ... UPDATED 10/21/18...

IMPORTANT .... to remember HOW Arlington City Council is set up:
5 single member districts AND 3 at large seats. So seats 6, 7, and 8 are at large. Any Arlington resident can run for seats 6, 7, and 8. There has been turnover in every seat except 2, 4, and 6. Other candidates have run against the incumbents in seat 2,6,7,8 and were not elected, obviously because the voters felt them not worthy of support.
City Council pay: Usually $200/month... Max up to $800/month ...$200/meeting pay only up to 4 meetings/month ... Who wold want to do this job for $200/month or a max of $800/month with all the headaches! (pay per article).
Therefore ALL voters are represented by 4 seats, of which 3 of the seats, any resident can apply to run for office. This is one of the best forms of representation in City Government. So Arlington residents feel free to run for city council in any one of the seats open to our area, 2, 6, 7, or 8. The heck with term limits, let’s concentrate on finding someone who will do what our amazing city council is doing, better! Feel free to run for city council. I doubt there are many qualified willing people to fill even 4 slots!

Exactly what Proposition E states on the ballot:
Addition of Section 9 of Article IV of the City Charter to provide that no person shall serve as Mayor for more than three elected terms and no person shall serve as a Council Member for more than three elected terms and under no circumstance may any person ever serve for more than twelve years in combination as a Council Member and Mayor and the term that each person as Mayor or as a Council Member is currently filling and all terms served prior to that current terms shall be counted for purposes of determining whether three terms have been served and the renumbering of the existing Section 9 to Section 10.

What is underlined above is retroactive and considered extreme: and if passed it will mean that 5 of our City council Members will be sent out of office forever. No City has term limits less than 4 continuous terms. This is the single most damaging thing that could happen to Arlington, as the stability of the City council brings consistent management that has brought businesses to relocate into Arlington.

Please visit the Vote No web site to understand the ramifications of a Yes vote win.

Other sites to view:
Mayor Williams on Proposition E (you tube video)

Vote No web site   (Recommend citizens vote No!... i.e. no term limits)

Vote Yes web site (please don't) 

Respected Arlington Organizations that are opposed to Proposition E:
  • Arlington Police Associtaion
  • Arlington Chamber of Commerce
  • MPAC Arlington (a group of women leaders dedicated to making Arlington a better place...)
  • Arlington Board of Realtors
  • Young Men of Arlington
  • United Educators Association 
Arlington is ranked as the best-run city in Texas with a triple A bond rating, has the lowest sales tax rate in North Texas, and enjoys a property tax rate far below Dallas and Fort Worth. (Source July 9, 2018).

Early voting: October 22 through November 2nd
Election Day is November 6th

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